North Korean Entrepreneurs in South Korea

DateDecember 23, 2020


Files Korea_North_Korean_Refugee_Entrepreneurs_in_South_Korea_EN.pdf




The Asia Foundation is launching a ground-breaking report on North Korean refugee entrepreneurs in South Korea. This captures the voices of 131 entrepreneurs portraying their challenges while pointing to a more optimistic and hopeful vision of the North Korean refugees living in South Korea. In the foreword, Dr. Andrei Lankov writes: “The growing North Korean refugee community in the South can be seen as a testing ground which can give us some foresight and warning about what is likely happening in North Korea now, and what is probably going to happen there in the future. Thus, this research and its findings are extremely important for everyone who cares about North Korea and I highly recommend it for everyone to read carefully.”


Please find the attached PDF to see the report.




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